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Social Requirements – Human Rights Act (Qld)

CEQ will not undertake procurement that is incompatible with human rights or fail to give consideration to human rights.  CEQ in its procurement shall give consideration to:

  • the inherent dignity and worth of all human beings; and
  • the special importance for the Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Queensland, as Australia’s first people, with their distinctive and diverse spiritual, material and economic relationship with the lands, territories, waters, coastal seas and other resources with which they have a connection under Aboriginal tradition and Ailan Kastom.

Social Requirements – Modern Slavery Act

CEQ is committed to ensure that our suppliers’ employees are provided with good working conditions and are treated with dignity and worth.  CEQ customers expect high levels of service and expect CEQ to act ethically in its behaviours.  CEQ requires supplier contracts to include statements on both their employee(s) and supplier chain which demonstrate compliance with Modern Slavery Act legislative compliance.

Environmental Requirements – Climate Change

Procurement is to be conducted in accordance with CEQ’s Environmental Policy.  CEQ shall procure goods and services with an aim of positively impacting on the community through a commitment to protecting and improving the environment.  CEQ shall promote the principles of ecologically sustainable development and implement strategies that both reduce its carbon footprint whilst retaining existing service levels of operations.