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Uniqueness of CEQ

CEQ has an Indigenous Management Model which strives to have stores managed by local employees. To date 18 outlets have local staff managing their store.

CEQ prides itself on being an inclusive employer with 78% of our more than 400 strong team members identifying as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. 

CEQ has a strong development focus particularly for our store managers where:

  • Managers gain exposure by working at another retail outlet, followed by relief at other CEQ stores
  • Managers gain public recognition at our annual conference as the majority of managers partaking in this program have been awarded Store Manager of the Year
  • The creation of an Indigenous Mentor who guides staff and reinforces the CEQ way

Our Culture

With our communities being so rich and diverse in culture, it has been important for CEQ to establish a flexible and unique culture of our own.

When we were managing only IBIS stores in the early 2010’s, our staff mantra “IBIS Time, Island Time” was introduced with great success, creating a line in the sand where IBIS culture became important while at work.

With the formation of CEQ and taking on our Aboriginal community stores, Col Jones, Mona’s Bazaar and TI Mitre 10 in around 2016, it was time to rethink the approach.

‘Which Way, the CEQ Way’, was adopted and acceptance of all cultures, including CEQ culture was well embedded across the organisation.

CEQ conducts training at all our remote locations whether that be remotely from head office in Cairns, or by visiting stores and engaging staff in face-to-face training sessions. Many of our staff either have or are being trained to attain a national qualification in retail, and CEQ deliverers our own specialised training, including a five-series course for managers to build business acumen.

Safety is paramount in a retail environment, and this is no exception at CEQ. Along with safety training delivered during inductions, we have successfully engaged store staff through our Employee Agreement to Safety (EATS) program, where staff participate in a training session dedicated to safe work practices, and a commitment to maintaining a culture of safe work.

CEQ is pursuing food safety accreditation.

CEQ employs a Risk Manager to ensure operational compliance across the organisation. CEQ has a responsibility to ensure that our stores are being managed responsibly and sustainably, and ensuring compliance with the organisation’s procedures and standards is a key part of maintaining these standards. This position will also oversee the environmental, social and governance aspects for CEQ.