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During 2022 you will notice some increases in the prices across the products on our shelves, due to the highest inflation rates in Australia since 1990.


What products are impacted?

Unfortunately the Global inflation increases have impacted all sectors of the index, so increases will be felt in all categories. This has been due to;

  • Fires destroying crops
  • Ukraine War
  • Global Fuel Increases
  • Sea Container Shortages
  • Pallet Shortages
  • Truck Driver Shortages
  • Farm Worker Shortages
  • Covid 19 impact


What control does CEQ have over this price increase?

We are very limited in how we can reduce the cost of production and this cost has been transferred to individual product prices.

We have seen increases to production;

  • Labour Costs
  • Fertilizer
  • Fuel – Tractor

In addition to increases in processing & distribution;

  • Fuel – Transport
  • Raw Materials & Packaging
  • Labour – Covid Lockdowns & Costs
  • Shipping Containers Imports

CEQ is not in control of increasing the prices or the freight costs, this sits with the many suppliers who provide these services each day. They have seen increases to their costs of production which all results in product pricing rises.

Price increases from the farm-manufacturer- wholesalers are passed on to CEQ as cost increases and will get reflected automatically in your everyday prices. 

This is happening across the globe but in Australia we are feeling the impacts of the cost of living rising substantially for the first time in many decades.


What can CEQ do to offset this impact?

We can continue and increase our donations and sponsorships to community for the future and focus on investing in training. Our commitment is to keep costs as low as is possible while we honour our vision of Caring, every day, always!

Our People

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